Metropolitan Cemetery Association Strives…

To foster the interests of those engaged in the operation and maintenance of cemeteries in the New York Metropolitan area;

To create and maintain … high ethical standards in the conduct of cemetery administration;

To obtain … the advantages to be gained by mutual cooperation, and

To do any act … or thing incidental to or connected with the foregoing purposes or in advancement thereof, but not for the pecuniary profit or financial gain of its members, directors or officers.

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Officers and Board

The MCA Board 
(my-mca-board [at]

Terry Joyce, President 
(president [at]

John Helly, Vice President 
(vice-president [at]

Jan A Neuman, Secretary-treasurer 
(secretary-treasurer [at]

Dennis Werner, Past President 
(pastpresident [at]

Supplier Officer – Stephanie B Wade

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The Metropolitan Cemetery Association is an incorporated membership organization in the New York metropolitan area, dedicated to fostering the interests of those companies & individuals who are engaged in the operation & maintenance of cemeteries.

As a membership driven organization, we create and maintain the high ethical standards of our industry’s administration, through creating a community benefiting from mutual cooperation of all of our members, be they sponsors, suppliers or cemeteries.

As a membership organization we also strive to provide our members with networking events, social events, and professional development opportunities. We welcome suggestions from all members for making our Association better.

Membership of the MCA is comprised of three differing levels of membership: voting members, associate members and supplier members. This allows us to give a voice to those cemeteries in the metropolitan New York area about the issues which are important to them in their organization and field.

The three levels of membership encourages and nurtures cooperation, representation and interaction between cemeteries, individuals within the industry, and suppliers who service our enterprises. Additionally, the Board of Directors may at its discretion designate honorary members of this Association.